Why Younique?

image1Why did I choose Younique? Very simple. Their mission statement.Younique’s mission is to UPLIFT, EMPOWER, and VALIDATE women everywhere. As a Younique Presenter I am part of a great network of women, who above all, support each other. We motivate the unmotivated. We inspire the uninspired. And we celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how big or small it may seem.

I am part of a great team of over 3300+ women who are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Every woman in this team is unique and at the same time exactly like me and quite possibly like you. We are mothers, daughters, aunts, cousins, friends, and even a few grandmothers. We all live and believe in the Younique mission for women everywhere.

Another reason why I joined Younique is because of quality of the products. Never tested on animals. Our products are a mix of science meets nature. Most of our products are Sulfate free, Paraben free, Peanut free, Latex free, Gluten free and a few are Vegan friendly.

How to become a Presenter? All you have to do is purchase the Presenters Kit and you will be an active presenter for 3 months. To maintain an active status you must sell $152 CAD (every country is different) within a rolling 3 month period. The picture above is our brand new Presenters Kit which launched yesterday, March 1st, 2017. This kit has everything you will need to get started in your business. If you choose to become a Presenter you can join using the link below. There is also no obligation to sell if you would just like to purchase the kit for the products. A list of the products in the kit is available in the link below.

So to recap why I chose Younique: great mission statement, great network of amazing women, great products and a great team. Want more information? Want just the Kit? Interested in joining? Ready to be part of a team? Click Here


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